Remembering rain boots is easy to do using the Smartphone-App.
The free KigaRoo Smartphone-App makes communication with parents easier and less complicated.

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Using KigaRoo childcare software will save you lots of time when it comes to managing your facilities!

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Data Security and Protection: Made in Germany!

Data and Security Protection are our highest priorities here at KigaRoo!

All data is stored on a protected server that always uses Extended Validation SSL-Certificate encryption, the very same standard used for online banking! KigaRoo also lets YOU decide what information you want to make public! 

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KigaRoo wants organisational sponsors, daycare management and staff to breathe easy when it comes to the management and organisation of your Kindergarten or Daycare. Using the KigaRoo childcare software allows you to cut down on administrative hassle and lets you dedicate more of your day to increasing the quality of care given to children!


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